The Switch: Let’s Ride North

 NorthLast night was an important conference call for the group. We made a significant change to the trip.

We have decided to reverse the trip; and instead of riding to the tip of South America, we are going to ride from the tip of South America back to the USA.There are several factors that brought us to this decision.

  1. The weather will be more in our favor. We will begin the trip with early fall temperatures and ride north toward warmer climate. After crossing the equator we will then ride into North America enjoy early spring temperatures.
  2. The most difficult part of the trip will be at the start. The most desolate and sometimes difficult areas of the trip will be in the southern areas of Chile and parts of Argentina. High winds are common in Patagonia and paved roads are not always available. By shipping the bikes to the tip, we can be assured they are in the best condition for the most difficult part of the journey.
  3. The halfway point will require changing tires and servicing the bikes. While not very many, there are some Harley Davidson dealers in South America and this way we will be assured the necessary service can be performed by a Harley Davidson dealer.
  4. It will be much more fun arriving to a welcome of friends and family after 10,000 miles – compared to showing up at the tip of South America where no one will know us.