Crating For Shipping


I stopped by my local dealer today, Rawhide Harley Davison, to check out the crating process.  If you’ve never seen how a Harley Davidson motorcycle is shipped from the factory, it really is an ingenious process.The bikes weigh as much as 900 lbs and are ratchet-strapped to a steel and aluminum rail base. The handlebars are detached and lay flat across the fuel tank.  The windshield is removed and placed in a cardboard box and rides on the seat.

There are stanchions that are then attached to the base rail that create a cage completely around the bike.   The stanchions also act as a support for a thick cardboard skin which also serves to protect the contents of the crate.  Any fuel present is removed from the tank and the battery is disconnected.

The bikes will spend over a month in transit. They will travel by semi truck, ocean cargo, and airplane as they are transported.  After seeing the packing process today I feel confident we are in good hands using the Harley Davidson crating method.  (A very special thanks goes to Crane Worldwide for making this trip possible – more to come on that later.)