Skype Has Become Our Best Friend


Skype has been a real benefit during the planning process.  Originally we expected to talk monthly, but we soon realized we would need to talk much more often.  Last night we gathered once again via Skype to share updates with each other on the progress.  Not only are we in different states, but different countries in some cases.  Imagine the cost of such a conference call just a few years ago.  (Skype is our friend!)

We have also utilized other great tools like Google Docs for storing documents in a central (cloud) location where everyone can access, edit, and update the documents at once.

Our ‘to-do’ lists have grown. The preparation and details have been overwhelming at times, however, we have divided up the tasks according to interest and capabilities and attacked each item head-on.   We are gaining ground and making great progress.

The priority this week has been submitting applications for travel Visas.  We also finalized airline tickets for the trip to Ushuaia, Argentina.  Another pressing issue is making sure we are up-to-date on vaccinations and health check-ups.  We need to be in excellent shape for this adventure.  We are working on it – right guys?

At some point we hope to publish our packing list.  Who would’ve thought you could carry so much on motorcycles.  (In fact, we are still hoping we can!)