SNU Alumni Event: Success!

Screen-shot-2010-11-19-at-4-28-02-PMThe plan was to share the story of Miles With A Mission and leave a lasting impression on those who gathered for the SNU Alumni dinner this past Saturday evening.Showing the Miles With A Mission video seemed like a good way to start, but then Brad had the big idea to actually ride our motorcycles into the gymnasium, where the event was being held.  And while we’re at it, why don’t we add some smoke, moving spotlights and music to go along with the thunderous roar of our motorcycle pipes. As you might imagine, it was an awesome sight.The entire floor of the gym was packed with tables due to a sell-out crowd, and there was no room for riding. The solution? Ride the motorcycles around the running track located on the second floor.  Of course none of the elevators were big enough to hold a motorcycle, so we rode the motorcycles up two flights of stairs to the second floor.Thanks to all the help from the SNU maintenance department who built the fantastic ramps for us!