Paris Of South America: Buenos Aires

Sao-PauloWe left Campinas late yesterday afternoon and drove an hour to Sao Paulo Brazil, to catch our flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina.With a population of over 11 million, Sao Paulo covers an area of over 600 square miles.  It is a vast metropolitan city of skyscrapers and beautiful scenery.
We spent today touring Buenos Aires.  We now know why they call it the Paris of South America.  It is a beautiful city with diverse European architecture.

Buenos-Aires-City-2We passed many famous site throughout the day such as Floralis Generica. A sculpture made of steel and aluminum located in the Plaza de Naciones Unidas. It was a gift to the city by architect Eduardo Catalano.   You can see the sculpture in the background of this photo.  It sits next to the university for engineering and architecture.

Buenos-Aires-Riding-BikesToday was the first day we were able to spend walking.  It felt great to be out of a vehicle and getting some exercise.
The parks are beautiful in Buenos Aires and people are friendly.  As you can see we did a little goofing around as well.  Can you tell we are ready to ride?

Ushuaia, here we come!

Buenos-Aires-TangoOne of our favorite stops today was visiting the historic area of La Boca; the birthplace of Tango.

La Boca is located in the city’s south-east near its old port.  It is a colorful area with Tango dancers on the street entertaining tourists.

We also visited other areas of the city ending up at probably the most famous site of all; Evita’s grave site.

Buenos-Aires-MausoleumThe cemetery is very unusual. They told us there are over 350,000 people buried in mausoleums at that location.

It appeared that a single family (name above the entry door) were buried together over generations and as more space was needed they dug out the floor, installing staircases to go further underground.  Each mausoleum is no more than 15 by 15 feet, yet sometimes 2, 3, or 4 stories below ground.

Buenos-Aires-CoffinsHow did we know?  Well, we found one that was unlocked and made our way down the staircase through spider webs and dust.  Coffins lined the shelves.
It was rather eery to say the least.
A day wouldn’t be complete in Buenos Aires without visiting Senor Tangos; a Tango show in the best style of Argentina’s finest dance.It was all about bright lights, great music and some of the best Tango dancers on the planet.  A must when visiting Buenos Aires.

Buenos-Aires-Steak-HouseAnyone visiting Argentina must experience an Argentinian Steak House.  Dinner is much later than we are used to.  Most people in Argentina don’t eat until 8 PM or later.  And the portions are extravagant.