Finally – Unloading The Bikes!

Cell-MessageSuddenly it all comes together.  On Saturday, just before 6 PM, Brad received at text from the shipping agent’s office in Miami.
Check out his name in the photo of the text (left)! 
Providential?  Either way, it’s always encouraging to get a text from Jesus saying, “call me”.

From that point on things started to happen quickly. We were actually in various locations in Ushuaia at the time and so we contacted each other and decided to gather at the port to keep an eye on the ship.
Sure enough the cranes on the Ship began to move; unloading the containers one by one.  It was exciting to say the least.  After four days of patiently waiting, the bikes were being unload from the ship.

The container was then trucked over to the shipyard to be cleared by customs.  We were invited to be there when the container was opened.  Customs officers checked our passports, vehicle titles, and then surprised us by asking to see our vehicle registrations to verify the license plate numbers with registration documentation. This was not originally on the list of requirements they had given us. Fortunately we all had copies and returned to the hotel to get them.

Once we returned with copies of our registrations, the bikes were unloaded from the container by forklift and loaded onto a flatbed truck to be taken to a warehouse for unpacking.

Unload-Bike-in-Crate Unload-Fork-Lift Unload-HOG-has-arrived Unload-Opening-Container-1 Unload-Truck-Container Unload-Ship