A Safe Haven For Repairs: Rio Gallegos

Patagonia-pot-holesWe are in Rio Gallegos, Argentina.  We were on the road 17 hours arriving here this morning (Tuesday), just after 4 AM. I cannot begin to describe the Patagonia winds.  We found that it IS difficult to ride a motorcycle in 80 MPH gusts.  You just learn to take it slow and ride at a 45 degree angle.

Steve’s sheep skin seat-cover blew off his bike while riding and Doug stopped to pick it up. He parked his bike while he ran to pick up the sheep skin and a wind gust blew his 900 lb Harley over to the ground.  It took three of us to get righted in the wind.

And on top of that it’s freezing cold and you are on a gravel road riding towards a setting sun. We are staying warm because we have in the right kind of riding gear.  Thanks to our sponsors and partners.

The number one thing to do while riding, besides keeping the bike upright is to watch for pot holes on the gravel roads (of which they are at least 201 of them every 200 feet).  And then radio back to the other guys and tell them to stay left or right.

We are very glad we switched the trip around so we can get the most difficult part over with up early on. We’re here, we can do this.  If any of us were amateurs before yesterday, we are certainly seasoned riders as of today.

Just about everyone has dropped their bikes at least once. (Gary fell over riding it out of the warehouse when we first picked the bikes up at the dock.  We got a big kick out of that.  You can see a picture of HERE).  All part of the adventure!
We took a Ferry across the Strait of Magellan on Monday night about midnight (YES, THE Strait of Magellan).  It was a bit nerve-racking riding the bike on and off the ramps to board the Ferry. Waves were lapping over the metal ramp.  The ramps were only about two feet wide. Everyone did just fine. You can also see picts of the bikes on the Ferry on the Flickr link.
We are still a few days behind schedule. We think we can make the time up in the next 5-6 days.See many more picts on the flickr photo feed HERE.