Still Waiting In Ushuaia

Ship-Customs-Officer  Customs has proven to be more of challenge than we ever expected. We aren’t completely sure of why the offloading has been delayed.  We have confirmed which container our bikes are in. We also know now that our container is on the top row, so it should be the first one to be lifted ashore.


Ship-The ship was already in port when we arrived on Tuesday and it has not moved since.  Small cruise ships come and go daily.  Most are headed to or from Antarctica.   Yesterday we allowed to go to the ship and examine the containers.  We felt this was a good sign, but still, nothing happened for the rest of the day.

Ship-OfficerWe learned today that there was a brief strike on the dock yesterday.  Apparently the truck drivers were unhappy about something.  And, while we have lots of conversations, we are never sure what to believe.  One thing is certain; speculation resolves nothing.

We do have many people working on our behalf to resolve these issues.  One of the customs officials said it best today. He said, “it’s best that you pray”.