The Vogel Family Rides Bicycles

Vogel-Family-(1)Here we are, supposedly six tough guys riding Harley Davidson’s across South and Central America, and then today, out of the blue we ran into the Vogel family (from Idaho) at a small desolate lunch stop in Fitz Roy, Argentina.

Here they were, in the middle of nowhere on bicycles, of all things. After learning what they are doing, we decided maybe we’re not so tough after all!

P1110553John and Nancy along with their twin sons Daryl and Davy are within a 1000 miles of their final goal of riding from Alaska to Ushuaia. But they’re not riding Harley’s, they’re riding bicycles! And it’s not a 2 month trip, it’s a 3 year trip!

When they make it to Ushuaia, Daryl and Davy will set the record for become the youngest people to ever make the trip!

For more info about the Vogel’s and their amazing trip, go here.