Ushuaia, The End Of The World


We arrived in Ushuaia on time and were taken back by the beauty of the region.  Think of a mixture of between Switzerland and the Amalfi Coast of Italy. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world.

The locals refer to Ushuaia as “the end of the world”, which includes very long days at this time of year; finally getting dark well after 10 PM.

TUshuaia-Mountain-rangehe mountains are dramatic connecting the sky and ocean.  The white caps and ice create patches of varying color in the water. From the air, when landing, it appears to be very cold, but in fact it was rather pleasant.  We soon found out Ushuaia is experiencing some of the nicest weather in their history.  It reached 70 F on our first full day here.


Ushuaia is a small town of 40,000 inhabitants.  A popular outdoor sports area (skiing, hiking, kayaking, etc), Ushuaia is the jumping off point for tours headed to Antarctica.

Ushuaia-Ship-in-harborWe can see the ship that transported our motorcycle’s to South America is sitting in the port, however they have yet to unload the cargo.  We have been trying to figure out what the hold up is and can’t seem to get a straight answer from anyone.  It has been somewhat frustrating.  We are praying that they will begin soon so we can begin our journey and stay on schedule.