We Are In Campinas Brazil

CampinasWe are now in Campinas, Brazil.  We flew here yesterday, February 5th.  It’s a short 90 minute flight from Rio.  We went directly to the Brazil Nazarene College where we were welcomed by the students and faculty, along with several regional motorcycle clubs which greeted us by making presentations on behalf of Miles With A Mission.

This time of celebration is the culmination of many months of planning and expectation of our arrival in Brazil.  It was a special time making new friends and exchanging gifts.
This morning we worshiped at the Campinas Central Church of the Nazarene. An amazing congregation of over 9,000 members in the heart of Campinas.  The facility was more modern than most churches in the USA with widescreen blended video images, a 60 piece orchestra, and best of all provided each of us with real time simultaneous interpretation from Portuguese to English via a personal radio receiver.