Sunday In Cali, Colombia

Our longest day of riding was over 500 miles several weeks ago.  Today was our shortest day, at just 94 miles.  Only 94 miles, but it took most of the day. One of the distractions are the toll booths. We aren’t quite sure why they exist because the roads certainly don’t seem to be limited-access or bypasses. However, motorcycles do not pay, IF you can navigate the narrow 2-3 foot-wide lane assigned for motos. They definitely weren’t thinking about Harley Davidson’s when they designed these Peajes (toll booths).
As we gathered this morning for our daily ritual of breakfast and packing, we met a Colombian lady named Luce.  She works for the government, heading up the Environmental department.  We were able to visit with her and learn more about this fascinating country.  We also learned she lives in Bogota and we plan to meet her there in a few days where she will show us the city. (Thanks Luce for your kind offer and for connecting on Facebook! We will see you again soon.)
Yes, we fell short of our goal yesterday, but completed the journey this morning arriving in Cali, Colombia around 2 PM.
It was rather strange to have so few miles to cover.  It was great to be relaxing in a hotel by late afternoon. (And it was a great time to get caught up with posting new blog entries!)
One of the highlights of the trip came to fruition today as we were able to attend services at a Cali Church.  This church has 6 services every weekend with over 2,000 attending each service.  It was an incredible event to attend.  The worship band was excellent.  The Columbian people in Cali are excited about their church and it was overwhelming to witness such energy.  They showed us plans and models for their new 9,000 seat arena, of which they have just completed purchasing adjacent land and will begin construction soon.


I will definitely be back to see it when it is completed.