Another Accident: Panama

Yesterday, we were finally on our way again after several days of service and shipping arrangements in Bogota, and then a few days of waiting in Panama City, Panama.

However, about 25 miles out of Panama City the trip took another unexpected turn.  Light rain had made an already oily road very slick.  On a tight right turn in the highway, I noticed in my rear-view mirror that Doug was having difficulty and almost didn’t make the turn.  Then he stopped.  Behind Doug, out of my sight, Doug had watched Bruce in his rearview mirror as he slid off the slick road.


Cars and trucks stopped.  A woman called an ambulance.  And another new saga of the journey began. Another, very unfortunate accident.

With the help of a wonderful U.S. State Department volunteer  and retired U.S Army major named Felipe, who happened by at exactly the right time, we ended up back in Panama City at Hospital Nacional.  It’s a great facility with a talented and gracious staff.  (Far right is Bruce’s surgeon)


It turns out Bruce had fractured the top of his right femur and had to have hip replacement surgery. The surgery was scheduled for today and was successfully completed this evening. Everything went very well and he is on the road to recovery.

The doctors estimate that Bruce will be ready to fly home this weekend.  Doug and I will continue our Miles With A Mission: a total of 7,000 miles now behind us and only 3,000 miles to go.

The hospital in Panama City


Bruce & Felipe.