Contrast & Variety: The First 2700 Miles

In the first 2,700 miles of resuming our journey, we’ve experienced plenty of contrasts and variety.


We started with sunshine, then came the rain and sleet crossing the Andes from Bariloche, Argentina to Osorno, Chile.  Then sunshine again, complete with a beautiful rainbow.


Next came comfortable temperatures and “normal” highway driving amidst Chilean farmlands, followed by days of heat and cold in the deserts of Chile and Peru.


We’ve had long, straight roads and twisting mountain roads.  Miles of flat roads, and miles of steep changes in elevation — not just in mountains, but down into huge canyons and back up again. And again.  And again.


We rode through crowded cities with populations in the millions, through tiny villages, and through huge expanses of uninhabited desert.  Far inland and along the Pacific coast.


Wet, dry, dusty, clear.  Severe gusting winds.  Calm air.  Smooth highways.  Teeth-jarring roads.  And everything in between.


What we have heard from the Extreme Team that went before us?  Expect even more variety ahead.