Crane Worldwide Thank You!

This has been one of those very long days – of waiting. Very demanding and fatiguing. We have spent 10 hours with Columbian Customs… back and forth to the Warehouse, Customs, Narcotics Police…. 7 different times. At the end, they put our bikes into an overgrown X-ray with a fork lift.  It was very interesting to watch.


We are now in the airport at Bogota waiting to fly to Panama City. We have a good chance of getting our bikes by mid-day tomorrow. Since it is Saturday, our expectation will be to pay some overtime to customs officers. We’ve had plenty of sleep these last two nights… and we are ready to get started on the Central America segment of the trip. We are feeling closer to home every hour that passes.


A huge thank you goes to Crane Worldwide and especially Camilo Nuñez, Bogota Operations Manager. Camilo personally spent all 10 hours helping us navigate these three Harley-Davidson motorcycles through Colombian Customs and Narcotics checks. They don’t process Harley-Davidson motorcycles very often! Especially ones like ours. Crane Worldwide – we thank you!