Gloria Dios: That’s What I’m Feeling

(Written By Doug) The desert riding has been a great experience…very challenging at times because of the sometimes deep sand on the highway. The temps in Peru have topped out at 90, unlike the 100 degree temps we had in central Chile.  Bruce went down yesterday in the sand. Thankfully, nothing broken, just some soreness. It was a very slow accident, trying to make a turn in that sand (a difficult maneuver). Hundreds of turns along the mountainous coast, along with the heavy truck traffic, makes it beautifully treacherous AND ALWAYS fun. It is exactly what you would order for an adventuress motorcycle ride.


There is just no way to describe the beauty of coming into the lushness of the valleys along the way after riding hard in the desert above. Part of it is the stark contrast….from a sepia tone world where everything natural is shades of brown to full color with bright green being dominate. The exhilaration is awesome. There’s a spiritual analogy in there somewhere.

We have made an appointment at a motorcycle shop ahead. We’ll get a quick check up on the bikes, and a front tire for Brads bike.

Thanks everyone for lifting us up. God is with us. Yesterday, we were an encouragement to a mother and her two teenaged daughters (one may not have been a teenager..hard to tell) who were part of a small motorcycle shop where we stopped. They were Christians and seemed blessed by our …mostly Brad’s… testimony…in spanish. One that he had given many times 45 years ago on a youth mission trip to South America. I showed them the last inscription on my survivor bracelet…”Gloria Dios”
That’s what I am feeling right now….Glory to God!