The Mission Continues!

Today, the Dream Team resumed the mission!  They left Bariloche, Argentina around 7 o’clock this morning!  After a full year of recovery, and many changes of plans, the team arrived in Argentina this past Wednesday.


They were able to secure the bikes by Thursday afternoon, and once again with the tremendous assistance and help of Rodry Rodriguez were able to do final repairs and prepare the bikes for departure.

There is much more to this story and more details will follow. Resuming the trip has required many tedious hours of planning, and also some tense moments of anticipation.

The good news is that an incredible amount of details and decisions have gone smoothly and we could not be more pleased that so many things came together so quickly. More to come on the details of how the trip was able to resume.

We are also excited for you to meet a new member of the team. More to come on Bruce and his story; stay tuned.

(The newest member of Miles With A Mission…Bruce)


(Rodry Rodriguez (our hero) preparing the bikes for departure.)


(A final meal of appreication with our dear friends, the Rodriguez family.)