Two Wheels Versus Four

Two-Wheels-vs-(2)Some people don’t understand why we’d attempt a trip like this on two wheels rather than four.

Well, as you may have seen in the BEHIND THE MISSION video on this website’s home page, my point of view on that is “half as many wheels, twice as much fun.”

A better known comment on the subject is a bit more lofty; “four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.”

Perhaps some trip photos will help illustrate the point.  I’ll start with a couple shots of my own Harley.  (While not quite the same as showing pictures of my grandchildren, it’s along those same lines.)

Would a car sitting in a desert be anywhere near as inviting?

Or would a car spattered with mud in a gas station at twilight look anywhere near as inspiring?

Or how about the views of the beach in Chile?

Or looking down the road through the mountains?

Or at the mountains at sunset in Peru?

All were taken from the seat of my motorcycle. No car can give you those kinds of unobstructed views.  Or the wind in your face.

What about three wheels instead of two, or four?

We’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of these in Peru.  But I’ll stick to two.