You Never Know What’s Around The Next Corner

In Guayaquil, a city of 3 million people, it was a meeting with three friends — two from Kansas City and another from Buenos Aires.  (OK, not a random meeting, but one arranged via emails when we realized we would just happne to be arriving at the same time.) Here are our friends; David, Louie, and Christian sitting on our bikes. We had a delightful lunch with them, their spouses, and other friends. What a great treat to have this time together.
Along the way, a friendly young artist and musician promised Brad “good vibrations” when he added a gentle, soft flower to Brad’s bike.
The three-wheeled taxis that carry people everywhere also carry a variety of other things.
This photo begged to be taken.
Everyone likes to have his or her picture taken on a Harley.  Girls from hotel front desks are no exception.

Bus-names-are-fascinating.jpgWe were not surprised to find “Jesus of Nazareth” on the road with us.