DIY Dental Work

I had a crown come off early in the trip. What do you do when you’re on a 10,000-mile motorcycle trip in South & Central America? What could we do; we decided to save it and look for the right opportunity to re-install the tooth, using some of the latest advanced techniques in dentistry.


Brad reminded me he once served in a medic unit during his time in the service (…just a few years back). I really had no qualms about it — well, maybe only slight qualms. You see, I too have had extensive dental training (i.e. my dentist has taught me to floss).  It should probably be noted that we first tried various bonding agents, but they kept failing.

And after several attempts, we decided that this was one of those very rare situations for which duct tape was not applicable.

The chosen bonding agent to secure the tooth was aptly-named Krazy Glue, which Brad had brought with him for various repairs. (Part of his First Aid kit?)  Well, you learn something new everyday!

And oh by the way, I found out I really don’t mind the taste of the duct tape.