Update: “I’m 95% Back To Normal”

STH73425We appreciate the continued interest in Bruce’s recovery. It is nothing short of a miraculous story as many have prayed for his healing and recovery. I received this update from Linda (Bruce’s wife) and want to share it with everyone.


Bruce is doing exceptionally well. He has been released from physical therapy, he is driving again and he is back to the routine of reading the paper at his favorite coffee shops. He told someone today that he feels like he is ninety-five percent back to normal. He is gaining strength and stamina every day.  He has gained back half of the weight he lost. His hand doesn’t shake like it did, and he is finally sleeping through the night. His shoulder, however will take some exercise to build back the muscles. All in all we have experienced a miraculous recovery.

Katie (our daughter) and Corey’s wedding on May 26th was a testimony of how God healed and enabled Bruce to enjoy being there for our daughter. He proudly walked her down the aisle and then he was able to dance with her and several others for the duration of the reception. We had a grand time and sent her off in style.

Of course none of that would have been possible without your prayers on his behalf, and your caring, loving support throughout the two months before the wedding. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, the Lord has also sustained me with His peace that passes all understanding and he gave Bruce the courage and will power to overcome all of his infirmities.

God Bless each and every one of you, for those expressions of love and hope. We are humbled by it. 

I guess you could say that when Bruce signed on to Miles With a Mission he didn’t know exactly what the “mission” would be.

Love in Him,
Linda and Bruce