40 Hours In 4 Days

Forty hours of riding in four days can take a toll on the body. Our objective was to get as far as possible into Canada in order to gain some extra time in case we needed it. So much can happen on a trip like this. Flat tires, repairs, accidents; we had our fair share of delays in South and Central America.


Yesterday, a quick stop at a Harley Davidson dealer to get a lamp repaired on Dave’s bike ended up taking an hour and a half. The benefit we have on this trip is the occasional Harley Davidson dealer in case we need to stop. Stopping at a Harley dealer is like a quick run into Walmart, you always come out with a few more things than you really needed. I bought a 12” mesh that holds my rain jacket to the top of my tour pack.


It’s hard to imagine the scenery getting any better. Today we travelled through Banff and Jasper National Parks. The scenery was stunning. Jasper has Ice Fields and Glaciers. It is spectacular. The roads are great with plenty of places to stop for pictures, fuel, and snacks.

Road ROAD-2 Scenic-1 SCenic-2 SCenic-3

We stopped at a small Pub about halfway through Jasper and to our surprise they served great food with one little catch; you had to cook it yourself. Seriously, there was no chef. The waitress brought us exactly what we needed to prepare the food over a hot grill. The prices reflected the fact you were the cook. We had ribeye steaks, salads, and beans. I must say, we did pretty well.


Today had its fair share of wildlife. The two features were a pair of big horn sheep and a black bear. We stopped to take pictures. It’s a bit uneasy to sit on a motorcycle next to a black bear. I’ve got to give Dave the credit, he has knack for getting in close for the right photo shot.


BearWe stopped at what some consider one of the most beautiful spots on earth, Lake Louise. It’s just north of Banff and is hard to describe. The stunning aqua-green water comes from the glacier that lies directly above it on the mountain. There is a resort next to the lake. It is breathtaking.


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