An Uneventful Day Is A Good Day

As Dave said about midway through our ride today, “an uneventful day is a good day!” We really didn’t see much today other than lots of asphalt. Strangely enough, the only wildlife we saw today was a moose that just happened to be dead along the roadway (no photo necessary).
Road road-2 food-and-fuel-stop
We pass the time in one of two ways, 1) we listen to music, and/or 2) we talk to each other. On this trip we are using Cardo Scala wireless headsets so we can communicate with each other while we ride. They work pretty well and aside from covering a wide array of interesting subjects, these headsets allow us to alert each other of bumps in the road, wildlife, passing cars, strange sights, etc.
We used CB radios in South and Central America and they didn’t prove to work as well as this newer technology. In fact, we spent the majority of our first 12,000 miles without a way to talk to each other because of broken equipment; mostly due to accidents and failed equipment. It was frustrating to say the least and made for a very lonely ride.


I enjoy listening to music while riding and playing my favorite tunes is like adding a great soundtrack to the scenery. As you can imagine it is a great way to pass the time.

One thing we’ve noticed about Canada are the road signs. There are more road signs in Canada than any other country we’ve been through. We joke that there are even signs for upcoming signs. And if you have a business down a side road, you must erect a sign at the turn, regardless of how many signs this creates. We’ve seen intersections where it is impossible to read all the signs while passing.


A favorite sign we’ve noticed is one for the upcoming litter barrel.


Lastly, another favorite pastime while riding are candy treats. Every rider has their favorite that they keep easily accessible during each ride. I discovered my favorite in South America when several times each day Gary Morsch would lift our spirits by leaving a Nips candy sitting on the seat of our bike. It quickly became my favorite and I remember how sad we were when he passed out his last few. I brought plenty on this trip and have enjoyed them everyday. This morning, as I ate my first Nips candy I called Gary through my headset to say thanks. Interestingly he was in Paris, France speaking at a conference. We chatted a while about the trip and our favorite treat. So, thank you again Gary for many a tasty mile. 🙂

As always, we are posting videos and other interesting photos on Instagram and Twitter.

As always, we are posting videos and other interesting photos on Instagram and Twitter.