Colorado To Wyoming

In the first two days of this trip we have seen as much or more rain than we experienced throughout South and Central America in 2011; and that’s not very much. We stopped to put on rain gear once, but otherwise have been very fortunate riding on dry pavement. 

As you can imagine there is no comparison between the roads we experienced in South and Central America in 2011 and this trip to the Arctic Circle. At times we have almost felt a little guilty for having it so easy, but the memories of the last MWAM adventure have flooded our minds. Riding together again has brought back recollections of stories we had forgotten. In these last 48 hours we’ve shared lots of laughs and a few stories we could never repeat. And of course, that always reminds us how much we miss our fellow riders. 

Considering it is Sunday I couldn’t help but begin to worship along the way. It was like a grand cathedral with seating for one. Of the seven or so hours we spent on the bikes today, it just flew because of the incredible scenery along the way.

The roads through Northern Colorado are uneventful, but as you near the border of Wyoming the rolling plains turn to jagged shapes and silhouettes. Much like clouds, it’s easy to become distracted trying to identify the shapes. This is antelope country. As the song says, this is “where the deer and the antelope play”, in addition to a few prairie dogs that for some reason like to run out in front of you. I am almost certain one ran between my front and back tire while I was doing 75 MPH. We did pretty well and averted adding to the existing roadkill.
The strangest site we saw today was an Army truck carrying some type of military attack boat. (picture below) It was a strange site to see in a small town in Wyoming, many miles for a large body of water.
If you’ve ever been to the Jackson Hole area you know it is truly the West. The first time I brought my family here we all went home with new boots and cowboy hats. I’d highly recommend it as a family vacation destination.
The highlight of our day was riding into the Grand Tetons. I’ve personally seen most of the best known mountains in the world and I believe the Tetons are some of the most beautiful anywhere. They are best view from the North and Northeast. We stopped for the night at Jackson Lake. The Lodge has grand windows that frame the mountains. It is a beautiful place. The center Teton peak reminds me of the opening to a Paramount Pictures movie. (although some have said the Paramount logo was fashioned after Lamond mountain in Utah).
We finsihed the day with almost 400 more miles behind us. By the end of the day we were also reminded how tired we were on most days while riding through South and Central America.

As always, we are posting videos and other interesting photos on Instagram and Twitter.