Into Canada

Of all the border crossings we experienced riding all the way from the tip of South America back to the United States, Canada by far has been the easiest to cross (including the US Border). I think it took all of 60 seconds to get our passports scanned and stamped. No triplicate copies, no tips (bribes), and no required shoeshines. Of course it might have been due to the fact we entered at a more remote location north of Glacier National Park, but all in all it was a wonderful experienced compared to what we had in the past.


Today we not only took in Glacier National Park, but also two provinces… all in one day!


We hit our first gravel today. It was all of 30 miles total. We are told to expect more the further north we get.


Glacier National Park is definitely one of the prettiest places in the USA. Many won’t ever go there because it is out of the way for most people, but that is what makes it so special. I know people that have been to Switzerland, but never to Glacier and it is every bit as beautiful. National Park must be one of the prettiest places in the USA.

I-want-to-go-there Jeepney Glacier-National-Park

One of the features of this leg of the trip has been the wildlife. We’ve seen it all, or at least we thought we had. Today we saw wild horses. It is quite spectacular to see these beautiful animals in the wild. Several had colts and they were crossing the road. As we pulled away they started to run along side the road. It was really an amazing site to see. I posted a video on my Instagram page (@GeraldSmith).


One of my favorite pictures today is this photo. It was taken just before the Canadian Border. I’m not sure if the mountain is in the USA or Canada. It is spectacular. If anyone knows the name of this send me a private message on Twitter (@GeraldSmith).



As always, we are posting videos and other interesting photos on Instagram and Twitter.