Bear Repellant, Rain, & A Screw Loose

We pulled into Fairbanks, Alaska this afternoon. The entire ride was cold with a steady rain. If you’ve ridden a Harley Davidson in the rain then you know just how miserable it can be. We are hopeful for better weather tomorrow for our ride north to the Arctic Circle.

Road-4Road-1 Road-2 Road-5 Road-3

We did see more wildlife today. In fact, we saw more Moose today than Bear. The highlight was a mamma Moose and her young calf. We weren’t quick enough to get a photo as they were hurriedly crossing the road and disappeared into the trees before we could snap the shot.  Moose-1

People have sent comments and questions regarding our safety around the wildlife, especially the Bears. Unfortunately while we did not bring any Bear repellant on this trip, we have found the best repellant to be the throaty sound of a Harley Davidson V-Twin engine through chrome pipes. It works every time.


I didn’t want to mention this earlier, but throughout this entire trip Dave has had a screw loose, and we were able to resolve the problem today. As much as I like to make fun of this fact, the loose screw was actually part of his helmet and a special thanks to our new friends at Farthest North Outpost Harley Davidson in Fairbanks who found a package of screws in their inventory to solve Dave’s problem.

Another highlight today was the North Pole. Who knew that we would actually go through the North Pole on our way to the Arctic Circle? Well we did, and also stopped to take pictures at Santa’s house and the welcome sign.

North-Pole-Dave North-Pole-Me Santa-Dave Santa-House

We leave early tomorrow for the Arctic Circle and plan to go there and back in one day. It really helps when you have almost 22 hours of sunlight in one day. Sunrise today in Fairbanks was at 3:10 AM and Sunset this evening is 12:37 AM, just after midnight


As always, we are posting videos and other interesting photos on Instagram and Twitter.